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It fits with that overall theme of the OysterFlex bracelet. That same sort of black tone. That rose gold absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. So if you're interested in either one of these watches for the lowest possible price, check on our website at for the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one year warranty. And if you liked the blog, please like, comment and subscribe below. Thanks for read. Hope to see you guys soon. - [Speaker] If you want to find out more about the watch you just saw on the blog, you can just click below on 'show more' to see the full description. Then you can check the link next to model as seen in blog, click on it and you will get to the proper page where you can see all the deTails. If you're read franck muller fake watches on a mobile phone, you have to click on the arrow down on the right hand side below the blog to see the full description. If you liked this blog, please give us a thumbs up. If you would like to share this blog with your friends, you can use the share button below and share it on any platform you like. IF you have questions, constructive feedback or you wanna tell us about some mistakes or mis-speaks, just try to comment below.

If you want to see more blogs like this you should subscribe to our channel and visit our channel page where you can find all the blogs and if you're interested in a specific watch brand, you can check out our playlists. If you want to check the price replica watch reviews website for a watch or wanna buy one, remember at Replica Magic you always get a steep discount so you should check the prices with us. If you want to know the price for a specific watch, just go to Google, type in 'Replica Magic' plus the 'brand', 'model' and the 'details' you are interested in and Google will find the right page for you. Thank you for read.Welcome to all Swiss watch lovers, this is Chris over at Today, I'm going to be doing a comparison between the Rolex Daytona stainless steel, 40 millimeter cosmograph, and the Rolex Yach Master II stainless steel 44 millimeter regatta chronograph. Both these watches are very popular with watch enthusiasts, and I'd like to show off their qualities and characteristics, so that you can have a better understanding, and, if you replica watch hermes were looking to buy, you could make an informed decision.

It doesn't hurt for you to visit the local, authorized dealer and try them on, to see which one's the best fit for you. Here, were' gonna start with the Rolex Daytona here. I have a black dial here. This is reference model number 116520, stainless steel model. It comes in either black, or a white dial. Retail price on this watch is currently $12,000. It is a 40 millimeter, which is standard size for most of Rolex sport watches, with the exception of the 42 millimeter Explorer II, the Deep Sea 44 millimeter, and the Yacht Master II 44 millimeter that you see in the background. Most guys would be able to rock this watch on their wrist, very comfortably. It's very well balanced and it feels very good, and solid on the wrist. Right on my wrist replica watches from japan here, for you. It wears under your shirt cuff very easily, so if you're wearing business attire, like a suit, it will slip under your shirt cuff, and won't feel clunky. This watch has a 4130 caliber movement. It's made in-house by Rolex. This watch does have a chronograph function, which counts seconds, minutes and hours, but it does not have a date function for those of you. Well, I mean, it could be good or bad for some of you, but for some the date is important.

Many people who have a Daytona, usually have it as a second watch. Their main watch probably has a date on it, that they use throughout their workweek. A lot of guys have the Daytona as a weekend watch, when the date doesn't matter to them, so, because it's the weekend. This chronograph counts upwards. It was originally designed for racing. Most people are just happy with the look of the watch, and how awesome it feels. Okay, now we're gonna go on to t he Yacht Master II, stainless steel, regatta chronograph watch. This is the reference model number 116680. It's a 44 millimeter, stainless steel trusted replica watch sites uk case. It has a bracelet that's very similar to Daytona with the half polish. Now, it's a satin finish on the sides, and a mirror finish on the center links. This watch is quite a bit larger than that Rolex Daytona at 44 millimeters. It's one of Rolex's biggest watches, next to the Rolex's Deep Sea Sea Dweller at 44 millimeters, but it doesn't have as high of a profile, it's just not as thick. It doesn't need to go down 12,800 feet below sea level, like the Deep Sea can. The watch has a really nice, clear white dial. It's super easy to read. You'll notice it has blue hands, which make it easy to find, with the contrast of the dial. It does have a functioning bezel. You can set the time for countdowns, rather than counting upwards. That's what regatta racing chronographs are for. You' Replica panerai Watches Swiss Movement ll see here that when I start the chronograph hand, you'll see another hand in there with a triangle. That's the marker for the countdown, so you'll notice, if you look really closely, you'll see the five going towards the four, and onwards towards the zero marker. Eventually it's gonna get to zero, and then you can start to race, if you're racing a yacht. Yach Master II came out for sale in 2010, in yellow gold and white gold. This watch came out recently in stainless steel in 2013, with an updated 4161 caliber movement.

It has a 72-hour power reserve. It's just like the Daytona. The stainless steel model is obviously more affordable than the yellow gold or white gold, or two toned versions of this watch, at a retail price of $18,750. While, these two watches are Rolex chronograph watches, they are vastly different from each other in the way that they look, and the size difference is definitely there. If you're a bigger guy who feels like Rolex watches are too small for your wrist. You might want to try this Rolex Yacht Master II at your local authorized dealer, and see if there's a good fit for you. You might just like it. Thank you for read. If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below. If you're interested in buying this watch, or our other models for the lowest possible price, please check out our shop at We have a low price guarantee, we offer free shipping and a one year warranty, in addition to warranties you get from the brand itself.

Thank you for read. This is Chris over at Replica Magic.If you are a Rolex Daytona enthusiast, you were just as excited about the new ceramic Daytona as we were, the only problem... is getting your hands on it! Luckily, we were able to get ahold of one of the beautiful white dial version for review. The Ceramic Daytona has had quite the reception into the watch world as a long awaited, highly sought after Rolex model. Stainless steel Daytonas are not as prevalent as other Rolex models to encourage sales of the more expensive gold or two-tone models. Additionally, the precious metal models sported innovations before the stainless steel models. For example, the rose gold and platinum model both sported ceramic bezels before their steel siblings. But, finally, the stainless steel Ceramic Bezel Daytona was released, and it is everything we could have imagined, and more. The Rolex Daytona is an elegant watch with a polished case and slim profile. The dial, bezel and flat crystal gleam and sparkle in bright light due to no anti-reflective coating. But, this does cause glare, causing the watch to be incredibly hard to perfectly capture in certain lighting conditions.

Despite that minor flaw, we are in awe of the ceramic bezel. When replacing the bezel with a ceramic bezel, it not only prevents scratches, but the legibility has also improved. Plus, it's much better looking. The bezel boasts new features including a new design where the numbers are horizontal to follow the round shape of the dial with a new application process Rolex developed. Basically, they create awesome definition by contrasting platinum and black ceramic. The model houses the Calibre 4130 movement, which was designed to reduce the number of components in the chronographs, thus increasing reliability. The chronograph is accurate to 1/8th of a second. The movement also hosts a patented blue Parachrom hairspring - resistant to magnetic fields to offer stability and is 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring. It has a power reserve of 72 hours. The screw-down pushers remain despite the slight hassle they cause.

This beautiful Ceramic Daytona is available in both White or Black Dial, but again, getting your hands on one may take some time. The fan favorite seems to be the white dial. Both dials sport a change in the rings surrounding the subdial. The white dial with black rings create a vintage, almost panda dial look. Even though it was released two years ago, it is still a highly coveted model. The iconic design creates the perfect balance of old and new. Thank you for joining us for this review of the Ceramic Daytona. If you enjoy this kind of content, be sure to hit the like button, and hit subscribe as well as the notification bell so you don't miss an upload. The strap that you are seeing on the watch is the Everest Racing Leather strap. You can find it on our website as well as straps for many other Rolex models. The link is in the description below. Thank you all for read. We'll see you next time.Hey guys, what's up? This is Kevin from and today I have for you one of Rolex's pieces that isn't too well know, but I feel like it should be and that is the Cellini Date. This is from Rolex's dress watch collection.

you can actually utilize this. Also to open up about five millimeters here. Allows your wrist to breathe a little bit more. The movement on this watch is a 3186 caliber movement. It has a quick hour jump that allows you to set the time and also the date too. So you can actually get the time right right in the middle of the day and have it switch over to the midnight at midnight. You see me winding it, should give it about 15 to 20 winds from a dead start so you know that you have a lot of power on your watch. What I would do if I'm just setting this GMT, I would actually pull it out to furthest setting and set your GMT hand first. So you can see the vietnam replica watch GMT hand's moving at half the speed as the hour hand. Takes the GMT hand one whole rotation to go through a day, whereas the hour hand takes two times to actually flip through a day. So if I had that GMT right at the twelve o'clock position, then I could set the time with the the quick hour jump. See that switch over the 28th, if I do two more rotations, it's gonna flip over the 29th. This is one of the most popular watches Rolex has to offer. It's a very versatile watch,

can be worn with a dressy outfit, or if you prefer you can wear a t-shirt and shorts, that works pretty well. Now if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment below. If you're interested in buying this watch or other models for the lowest possible price, check out our shop at We have a low price guarantee, we offer free shipping and a one year warranty in addition to any warranties you get from the brand itself. Thank you for read this here on Replica Magic.Hey i'm Adam Jusko from and in this blog I'm talking about the new Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite MasterCard, a credit card that is a mouthful to say. Before I talk about the Barclays Arrival Premier World elite MasterCard, I would ask you to please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not already. So, we'll talk about the features of the Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite MasterCard first, and then I'll talk about who this card is good for and who may not like this card as much, based on both your spending patterns and maybe what you want out of a credit card. So this is a travel credit card from Barclays and the way it works is you get "miles", which are sort of like points in a way, based on your spending throughout the year --- both on every purchase you make and then there are bonuses you can earn throughout the year. There's no upfront bonus for using this card often but there are bonuses if you use this card often throughout the whole year. So, a lot of cards,

a lot of travel cards are replica rolex gmt master 1675 gonna have, you know, "get 50,000 points if you spend four thousand dollars in the first three months" --- this card doesn't work that way. The bonus on this card comes from your spending throughout the year. So the way that bonus works is... you will get 15,000 miles if you spend $15,000 throughout the year, and then if you make it up to $25,000 spent on the card throughout the year, you'll get an additional 10,000 bonus miles, so by the end of that year you can earn 25,000 bonus miles if you put at least $25,000 onto that card. Now, unlike other credit cards that give you that bonus upfront and then the years after that you don't have that bonus opportunity anymore, this is an every year thing on the Arrival Premier card. So that does have an advantage that you might not see from those other cards. At the same time, that means this is a card that you will want to hold for the long term and you sort of make it your everyday credit card if you want to keep getting these bonuses. Because they're not easy to get --- you have to spend a lot on this card throughout replica watch store review the year to get there.

So those are the bonuses. Beyond the bonuses, you will also get two miles for every dollar that you charge to the card. So if you look at... between the bonus and the miles per dollar... if you spend $15,000 in a year you're gonna get that 15,000 plus you're gonna get 30,000, you're gonna end up with 45,000 miles in that year. If you make it all the way up to $25,000, you're gonna end up with 50,000 just off the two miles per dollar plus you're gonna have that 25,000 bonus that you're gonna have, so you can end up with 75,000 miles, which is going to equal $750 in travel rewards. So that is quite a bit if you are a big spender. Now this car does have an annual fee of 150 dollars so that also has to come into the swiss replica watches for sale equation here as to what the worth is of these miles and how they are used. Because each mile is essentially worth one penny, so 10,000 miles is going to equal a hundred dollars when it is used to defray the travel expenses that you have put onto the card. So that is sort of the basic rewards program. You can also redeem your miles for cash, but you're only going to get those at a half rate so it makes no sense to do that. Instead of it marc jacob replica watches being, you know, 10,000 miles equals a hundred dollars in watch replica uk travel rewards, those 10,000 miles would only equal $50 in actual cash, so that is really sort of a non-starter as far as we're concerned. Other features that we want to talk about: there no foreign transaction fees on this card, so if you are someone that travels internationally obviously that is something that will be attractive to rose gold rolex replica watch you. You can also exchange your miles with certain airlines but not any of the major US carriers... Qantas. Air France, KLM,

and some other international airlines there... you can actually use the miles that you earn on this card and exchange them into those frequent flyer programs, but none of the major US carriers. Some other features that you get from this card which are okay... you can get your Global Entry covered once every five years if you're someone the travels a lot and, you know, you use that to get through your security lines quicker. But that's only a $100 bonus or benefit every five years or so, so not a big deal. You also get what is the called the Lounge Key airport lounge access feature which allows you to access airport lounges all over the country and I believe all over the world, but the downside to that is you still have jorg hysek replica watches to pay for those airport lounges, so it's sort of a feature to give you access but it's not really giving you anything free there so it' it's OK. You also get your free FICO credit score along with this card,

so that's another feature that is good to have if you want to track your credit scores. So, looking replica watches shop at this card overall --- who is it good for? It is good for the person that maybe wants a travel card and spends a lot of money on their credit cards, but maybe doesn't travel all that often. Because you can get a good number of miles for your spending but you don't really get great travel benefits otherwise. If you are someone who wants to use those miles maybe for a big trip that you take once a year to go up against those travel costs, then that can make sense. We actually sort of did the calculations here... looking at the miles to dollars ratio and what you're earning and those bonuses and all that sort of thing. When you replica watch guide rwg spend at the $15,000 level over the year, you're essentially getting a two percent rebate, so it would be almost like equivalent to a two percent cash back card except that you can only use that for your travel. Now, if you make it up to that twenty five thousand level and you spend that much per year, then what you're getting is essentially a six hundred dollar benefit --- $750 in actual benefits between the miles you get minus the $150 annual fee means you'll essentially be getting six hundred dollars in rewards, which equates to a 2.4% rate when you actually look at it... if you considered it sort of as a cash back card. So that's pretty good. But again you can only use it toward travel and you have to use this card, you know, all the time in order to make it to that twenty five thousand dollar level

obviously you're putting more than two thousand bucks a month onto the card if you want to get to that level. So when you look at all those features and you look at sort of the calculations, if you're someone like I said who doesn't travel a ton and doesn't care so much about the travel benefits that you would get from one of the luxury cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the American Express Platinum, then this card can make some sense for you. It's got a decent return if you spend a lot of money. So who doesn't like it? People that don't spend a lot of money, number one, because if you're spending under fif gift a replica watch teen thousand dollars per year on this card then it doesn't ever make sense to get it --- you could easily get a cash back card that gives you an even better rate overall. Because you're not going to hit your bonuses if you're not spending that fifteen thousand dollars every year and you're really not going to get a huge benefit unless you're going up into that replica watches bvlgari twenty / twenty five thousand dollar range every year. Now the other people that aren't going to really like this card so much are your churners who just kind of want to churn and burn through those upfront bonuses, you know, who are maybe willing to pay that annual fee in the first year to get the big bonus and then they want to get rid of the card.

This card is purposely structured in a way to get rid of those kind of people. It wants... Barclays is really looking to get people who are gonna take this card and are going to use it all the time and are gonna get those bonuses based on long-term spending not based on three months of spending, hit the mark, get the big bonus and then fly the coop and swiss replica watch uk move on to the next credit card. So if you are a churner you're not replica rolex kopen gonna like the Barclays Arrival Premier Card so much. If you're someone that spends a lot, doesn't travel a ton and doesn't need all those, you know, luxury travel benefits then you probably will like it a lot more and maybe you'll even want to consider it to be your everyday credit card. But those are some of the features and a sort of review of what we like and don't like about the Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite MasterCard. Thanks for read. Please go to for other credit card reviews and personal finance stuff too. Thanks. Bye.Hey guys, this is Kevin from Replica Magic dot com and today we'll be doing a review on the Rolex Yacht-Master II, in a two-tone rose gold reference number 116681. We'll be going over the price, the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the blog. Okay, fake zenith watches so as of 2018 you can get this watch from Optimize Rolex retailer for $25,150, of course, always take a look at our website at Replica Magic dot com, for the lowest prices anywhere online. Of course,

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