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Now, I gotta say, it's pretty tight that over 100,000 already know what it is. That's right, your boy broke 100K on Instagram. Yet somehow, still not verified. Twitter and IG still aren't ready to put some respect on your boy. [SOUND] Anyway, I've been reading the comments, and it sounds like you all are in serious need of some wrist ice. Your boy's gonna show you how to bless yourself with a fully iced out Rolex watch. Even the broke boy's model a Rolex. Paying stainless steel will run you $7500. And what's the point of even tag heuer grand carrera calibre 36 swiss replica watch rocking one if you're gonna go basic? All the realest real ones know what time it is. Word on the street is my guy Quavo's watch collection is worth over $2 million. Sadly, your boy's just not breaded like that. So, what do you say, family? Shall we once again cop the ice without paying the price? So, here's what you're gonna need. A generic steel watch with a round face, silver rhinestones, some super glue, grey, silver and white paint and some thin brushes, and a stick with wax on the end of it. Now, everybody knows that telling time is the least important feature of a Rolex. It's all about that flex family. First, I'm gonna get back on my bread and barley [BLEEP], and start icing this thing out. So we're gonna start by slowly laying out some of our super glue around the rim of the watch face. Then lock and load with your rhinestones. Pro tip, put some wax on the end of the stick to pick up your rhinestones, this is a lot easier than borrowing you moms tweezers.

Shout out to Joker the Plug for hooking it up at the craft store. We're gonna be using medium sized rhinestones for the watch face. Very clean. Now, that we're done with the watch face, it's time to move on to our band. For this guy, you'll wanna start by placing your larger rhinestones all along the center of the band. One dot of glue for each rhinestone should do it. Now, that we've got our big rhinestones placed, it's time to put in our smaller ones. Now the pattern gets a little complicated. So stick with me, family. Now we're gonna take our small rhinestones, and place three of them on either side of the large rhinestone all along the band. Now to finish off the band, we're gonna put two rows replica watch movement of the small size rhinestone on either side of the band. Even with my new technique, this shit takes hella long. So precision and patience best quality replica watches are key. You know your boy stays off that CBD. Now, we're gonna hit the side of the watch face with the smallest size rhinestones, two rows all along. Now to finish off the face of the watch, we're gonna put too many rhinestones on all four corners. And then finally, fill in the negative space with the smallest rhinestones.

Last step, fill in the face of the clasp with our medium rhinestones. 100 on my wrist. 80 on my wrist. 100 on my wrist. 80 on my wrist, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes, zeroes. Now that we're done icing this bad boy out, it's time to start penning in our watch face. Now to start out, I'm gonna cover the entire face with grey paint to hide any evidence that this isn't an actual Roley. Add an extra coat if you need to for maximum authenticity. Now that this is technically dry, I'm gonna use my tiny paintbrush and some white paint to put in the watch hands. Always on 4:20, my guy [SOUND]. Now that that's done, it's time to paint in the Roman numerals. Now, we're gonna add tiny white dots all along the face of the watch. That'll be our diamonds. Now to finish it off, we're gonna hit it with the Rolex logo. [SOUND] Fuego alert. There you have it family. A fully iced out Rolex watch. Wrist game looking straight arctic family. And before I go and flex this [BEEP] on the Gram. I just want to stop for a second and say thank you to my Cheap Thrills fam, for supporting your boy so much. Shouts all the way out to every single one of you. Seriously, name a squad with more clout, I'm waiting. [SOUND] [BLEEP]! Yes, that's what's up, baby! Woo! Your boy's breaded now! Thanks for tuning in,

Cheap Thrills fam. Stay boosted. And keep [BLEEP] up those comments, and let me know what you want me to make next, gankin! [SOUND] You thought that was fuego, wait till you see my freaking app. [SOUND] Natemoji. Come back next Tuesday for some more heat. I wanna see all of you smash that like. Make your boy proud in those comments. Click here for some more serious fueg, gankin.Hey guys, this is Kevin from, and today we'll be doing a comparison between the Rolex GMT Master II here on my left, nicknamed the Batman. For reference, number 116710, versus the Rolex Submariner here on my right, reference number 116610. We'll be talking about the pricing, the dials, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the blog. Okay, so as of January 2018, you can get this GMT Master II from our authorized Rolex retailer for $8,950 plus tax. Or you can get th hermes fake watchese Submariner at the authorized Rolex retailer for $8,550 plus tax. Of course, here at Replica Magic, we always strive to have the lowest prices online, so check out our website for the lowest up-to-date pricing. Of course, prices are subject to c quartz replica watcheshange. Let's go ahead and talk about the dial now. The dial architecture of both the GMT and the Submariner are very similar. We have the Maxi Dial,

which is the circular hour markers with the index at the six and the nine o'clock position with project x rolex replicaa triangular 12 o'clock hour marker. All fashioned in 18 karat white gold with luminous filling that are highly legible chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence that glo tag heuer replica watches review ws for up to eight hours. The hands are made the same way, as well, as we have the Mercedes arrowhead and the minute hand being fashioned in 18 karat white gold, and it's lum inousful as well. We have the date one up at three o'clock position that protrudes and sits on top of that sapphire crystal for magnification, easier viewing of the date at that three o'clock position. The only main difference between the dials is really, besides the text changes are a little bit different, of course. The Submariner has the water resistance listed on the front of the dial as it is a professional diver's watch, where as the GMT Master is the master at tracking two different timezones. That's where the difference lies, is that the GMT Master has this additional hour hand, as you can see with this slim blue labeled hour hand with the triangular tip, this is also luminescence and that helps track an additional time zone. You can find out more about that, you can find out how to use that function in our other blogs and our standalone GMT blogs. We also have a how-to blog on that, as well, on our YouTube channel. Let's go ahead and move onto the bezel now. The bezel, both ceramic bezels as they've been upgraded from their previous models which was the 16710 and the 16610 respectively for both models. They now have this nice, beautiful ceramic bezel as Rolex would call it. For the bezel, for the GMT Master,

it's a bidirectional, rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel with two color blue, black ceramic and blue, blue and black ceramic with the engraved numerals and graduations. That's how it actually gets the Batman name, 'cause it has that Batman color scheme of being blue and black. Yes, blue and black, sorry, getting a little mixed up there. The Submariner's bezel is a unidirectional bezel, meaning it only can rotate one w invicta replica watches saleay, whereas the GMT can rotate both ways. It's a 60-minute graduated, scratch-resistant, cericome, ceramic bezel with numerals and graduations coated in a platinum, and that platinum, it's coated in that platinum for that nice look that matches very nicely with the case of the watch and the outer edges of the bezel, as well, keeping a nice, uniform look. The difference between the two bezels is that once again, the hour hand works with the outer-edge bezel, has a 24-hour bezel to track an additional timezone. Such as, if you're, let's just say really quickly here, that it's in London, it's 12:20 in London. Well, you can track a different timezone, let's just say you want to track the Philippines,

which is seven hours ahead, you would just move the hour hand se replica watches online paypalven hours ahead and you would be tracking both the London time and the home time, which would be the Philippines which is the seven hours ahead. Whereas the Submariner, the tracking of the bezel, for the tracking for the be super replica watchzel is more for tracking elapsed time. And that elapsed time is tracked by moving that peridot of the bezel all the way around to the minute hand. I'll show you here really quickly, actually. 'Cause this one's much simpler to show. And there we are, we match the peridot to the minute hand and that can track elapsed time, and it can help you track small things such as how fast you run a mile, how long a business meeting can take. You can track how long your trips are taking from driving to work and see if you can cut that time down. And unidirectional, as you can see, I can only move it towards the left. Moving to the right does not work. That specific reason is for, as this is a diver's watch, it is used to track oxygen tank levels so you can see how long. You know, you go in and wear an oxygen tank that has about 10 minutes in it, you can track that 10 minutes very easily. Moving on to the crowns, now. The crowns, similar, actually rather, the case. The case follows a similar structure as well. We have a nice satin-finish case. Satin-finish case made out of 904L steel, which is a Rolex in-house made steel that has additional corrosion resistance and a nice shine to it, as well. From the side profiles, you can see nicely high-polished, the GMT is just a tiny bit thicker in terms over Submariner as it does have an additional complication being that GMT complication for the second hour, second timezone, whereas the Submariner does not have that. On the other side, you can see the nicely high-polished follows suit there, as well. We have the crown guards.

The crown guards being high-polished as well, to protect the crown, as well. Both watches have the same style of crown. As you can see, same thickness crown and it's called what's called the screw-down triple lock, triple waterproof in the system. To kinda show you the different crown features on both. Let's start with the GMT's first. The GMT's unscrews counterclockwise as shown. And in this first position, you can wind your watch from a dead stop, 15 to 20 clockwise turns is all you need to get the watch started once more. A simple tugging of the crown will allow you to use the quick hour jump, is actually what helps you to track that second time zone. Like I was saying in that previous example, London time's at 12, it's almost 12:30 now. If you want to track the Philippines time, you can just simply go from the 12, and go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. There you are, now you're tracking seven, that 7:30 time, that's the home time and that's the London time. And then the final position, you can actually, you actually adjust the GMT hand just by simply moving the, setting the minute hand around. Always make sure to screw the crown nice and tight, in against the case and that's for any watch, really, as you want to keep the watch water resistant and you want to keep the swiss replica rolex review crown nice and protected.

Once more, with the crown counterclockwise, first position, once again, 15 to 20 times from a dead stop, all you need. A simple tugging of the crown will allow you to adjust the day instantaneously as shown. The GMT does not have the ability to adjust the date how I'm showing you. It actually has to quick-hour jump that. Hour hand twice two revolutions to change the day once, whereas this Submariner can just simply change the day on the fly. Pulling out the crown to the final position will allow you to set the hands, as well. Screwed down, nice and tight. Let's go ahead and talk about the bracelets now. The bracelets, same steel made out of the case 904L steel. We have nice oyster bracelet. The main difference here is the GMT is more of a dressier watch, so we have this nice, high-polish down the center of the three piece links where as the Submariner's more of a sporty watch and we have the nicely sand finish on all of the three piece links. The contrasting sand finish on the GMT really helps bring out more of a shine on the high-polish down the center. Whereas the Submariner is more for every day wear. Moving, showing you the other side of the bracelet, you can see the high-polish again, with that sand finish. With the clasp, very similar clasp styles, which is a safety folding oyster lock. This is more for sports pieces that actually have, the safety folding oyster lock is more for sports pieces so GMT is kind of like fusion between a sports and dress david yurman replica watchespiece, as well. It simply opens up, folding oyster, the folding lock, so that's the lock there. That sits on top of the folding oyster as shown, opens up. Reveals this nicely high-polished clasp lay with the Rolex name embossed on there. One thing in this show is the class Rolex for, the class for Rolexes, they usually have an additional function underneath the clasp itself.

it comes with the Calibre 9001. Now, this has a ton of new stuff that Rolex designed. A lot of interesting features, which I'm really not going to get into all that right now. But one michele deco replica watches important thing has an impressive 72-hour Power Reserve. Along with obviously the reliability of any Rolex movement, you're sure to get your money's worth. The Sky-Dweller is only available in 18K gold. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. There are also options on bracelets or alligator straps, which both will include the proven oyster clasp. So I'm pretty sure that there's a combination that would attract your wallet. The dial layout is pretty well-balanced. With the signature offset ring for the second time zone and the annual calendar cutouts around the dial, I really like it. You replica watch shop london can choose between Roman or Arabic, depending on the dial combination, but overall there's not a single one that I don't like. I'm sure that there's one that will fit your personality. So you like the Sky-Dweller and you're ready to pull the trigger, here's the price range that you wanna be in. For a pre-owned yellow, rose, or white on a bracelet, $32,000 to $35,000 is whe Replica omega Watches Swiss Movement re you want u-boat replica watches to be in. That would be white being the cheapest and rose the more expensive. Add around $3,000 more if you're trying to pick up a new one. For the strap model preowned, you want to be at around $26,000 to $28,500. Add $3,000 more as well for a new one on this one. So pretty much as far as the Watch Game goes, with the Sky-Dweller, it's a heavy piece. I mean, it's probably one of the heaviest pieces that Rolex has brought out since the masterpiece. It's got a 42mm case, so size is not gonna to be a problem with that watch. It's got an oyster bracelet. It's kind of a little bit sporty, a little's gotta kind of like a weird combination at first when I first saw it,

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but man I really like it. There's always going to be one that's going to attract your style or your personality. But one of my personal favorites is the rose gold with the chocolate dial on the alligator strap. That tends to be one of my personal favorites. I also like the subtle white gold on a bracelet. Very nice option as well if you wanna go with something that's just understated and subtle. Nevertheless, the Sky-Dweller is always going to demand attention. Any way you look at it, it's a heavy piece. If you liked this blog, don't forget to like and share. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!Hey Everybody! Today I'm going to look at a cheap Walmart "Gift Box" that's available this holiday season.

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